Winter Showcase 2020

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at The Victoria Sewart Contemporary Jewellery Gallery

Jed Green

“Experiencing a spark of an idea, then trying to create it in glass always seems impossible…until it’s done! The transformation from simple clear glass tubes into soft sculptural forms and experimenting with colour, texture and shape is intrinsic to my work.”

Jed designs and makes jewellery using lamp blown glass. She creates innovative contemporary and exclusively hand-made, one-off pieces. From clear glass tubes, various shapes are formed and linked together, drilled and pinned to form moving pieces or set in clusters. Colour is applied by painting inside the glass shapes and hand made ceramic transfers create the patterns on the outside.

Jed is constantly searching for new ways to express her creativity and inspirations in the glass. There is a fragility and lightness in her work and her use of colour and form make each piece unique and eminently collectable.

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Diana Greenwood

Diana Greenwood is endlessly fascinated by the world around her. Garden flowers find their way onto her charm bracelets and delicately cut leaves become shimmering earrings.

During a university design course, Diana accidentally fell in love with metal. With a Danish mother and a line of engineers on her father’s side, it seemed the perfect material to marry clean, Scandinavian design with technical possibility. She went on to study Silversmithing at the Royal College of Art and eventually found her way into making small pieces of jewellery.

With a touch of British charm and incredible attention to detail, Diana uses silver and 18ct gold to hand-pierce, construct and assemble her jewellery. Her garden and collection of vintage botanical prints are an endless source of inspiration as well as hours spent by the ice-skating rink in pursuit of the family hobby.

Simple and contemporary, Diana’s work is exquisite craftsmanship made personal. Her greatest pleasure of all is to see her jewellery gifted and worn by the person it was thoughtfully intended for.

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Teri Howes

Inspired by my mother’s sewing room full of treasures, my work is influenced by a love of thread and of making by hand. My use of intricate hand crochet techniques in pure gold has become my signature style – often incorporating tiny coloured facetted diamonds threaded and crocheted into individual stitches.

This combination of traditional textile techniques with unconventional design and Teri’s unique diamond setting – has led to her pieces being described as “instant Contemporary Classics”.

Since 2015 her work has been selected for exhibition at the world-famous Goldsmith’s Fair held annually at Goldsmith’s Hall.

Her work appeared in the prestigious Financial Times “How to Spend It” feature in 2015.

In a stunning start to 2019, she scooped a Gold Award in the Goldsmith’s Craft & Design Awards for her ‘Ruffle’ Brooch, and a Bronze Award for her ‘Talon’ Earrings.

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Kostandinos Karanikas

Born and raised in a historical city of northwest Greece on the banks of a legend riddled lake and surrounded by mountains I have a natural propensity to the mysterious and mythical.

I am drawn by the formations and shapes of rocks and land above and underwater; evidence of their creation and history as sculpted through the ever-changing relationships with the elements.

My work is a mix of one-off and repeat sculpted pieces fabricated with traditional techniques or using the method of lost wax carving There is a heavy focus on texture and wax carving allows for greater plasticity and sculptural forms. Where appropriate, gems and pearls are used to accent shapes and evoke the organic and natural while re-examining traditional notions of jewellery such as the solitaire ring. My work is tactile, present and solidly individual.

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Sarah Packington

Sarah creates contemporary acrylic jewellery at Rose Hill Workshop in Brighton. While studying Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics BA (Hons) at Brighton Polytechnic from 1988-1991 she discovered the endless possibilities of cutting, texturing and dying plastics. It is a perfect material for jewellery as it is light and comfortable to wear.
Using laser cutting, scoring, dying and polishing in bold designs with simple dynamic shapes, Sarah’s jewellery has a retro yet contemporary aesthetic. All designs are highly finished to give a precious feel.

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Helen Rankin

With the ultimate focus always on movement and wearability, Helen’s jewellery exudes sculptural modernity and simplicity. Her signature aesthetic is defined by angles, interlocking, overlapping, contrast and scale. Crisp lines and blacked silver add drama whilst semi-precious stones provide colour and interest.

Helen utilises 3D printing technology to achieve perfect symmetry and combines it with traditional jewellery techniques. Meticulous hand-finishing maintains a luxury feel to the collections. Inspiration comes from modern architecture, geometric decorative features and repetitive pattern found in textiles and tiles and works from the 50s Brazilian Concrete art movement.

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