• I challenge anyone to resist the variety of tempting treasures in the jewellery gallery. Gently attentive sales staff helped guide me, as an overwhelmed and indecisive shopper to select pieces which suited my personality and I would continue to enjoy wearing.

    Kelly Austin
  • I always visit this gallery to find that special something for a good friend’s birthday. And I’m never disappointed with the range of funky stuff I find down there. Recommended.

    Katie Thompson
  • I have never failed to find the perfect gift in your gallery for all my nearest and dearest, but secretly I love browsing on rare, self-indulgent days when I can buy something all for myself. I LOVE my ‘Pure Good’ necklace!

    Katie Sparshatt
  • It is always a joy to browse the gallery and see the wonderful variety of jewellery on display. The multitude of styles and materials seems to make every piece stand out in some way. A perfect place to find something unique for that special someone, or even yourself.

    Charlie Patterson
  • Its the only place that I buy my jewellery from in the South West. Incredibly unique collection and approach by Victoria Stewart.

    Paula Orrell
  • Always very helpful for valentines Christmas and birthdays particularly as I am a novice!

    Gareth Forrest
  • I think the gallery is a great place to find new ideas, innovative designs as well as luxurious and wearable pieces. It is a place where you can get the perfect combination and there is a sufficient selection of jewellery to suit the taste of everyone.

    Every time I visit the gallery there is something special to catch my attention. I am now a good customer of the gallery because it gives me the opportunity to wear creative and exclusive jewellery.

    Balbina Ramsay