Plymouth Art Weekender 2020

‘Rationed’ by Jo Pond

Descended from generations of habitual collectors, Jo Pond embraces her legacy, working with misplaced memories to create jewellery and objects which pass on something indefinable, as the women before her passed on genes, mannerisms and traits. The writings of Lily Pond née Liberty, and the materials associated with the period around the Second World War, are incorporated and recreated to continue the line, sharing the essence of stories of the wartime domestic, stories which can no longer be shared by word of mouth.

“Having an emotional connection with my subject matter leads, in my opinion, to the conception of my most successful outcomes. ‘Rationed’ stemmed from reading through the diaries of my grandmother. I came to learn about the simplicity of daily life, about the make-do-and-mend, the writing of letters and how hairdressing was something that happened within the home, undertaken by friends and family.

I also learned that my grandmother, Lily Pond, had documented the air-raids during the Blitz in London, which appeared almost as a shorthand log of the timings. From these records I was able to research the dates and times which she referenced, to learn more detail about what was happening during this period of her life.

Both my grandmothers lived in London during WW2 and worked as they bought up their young children, maintaining daily life through the strains and trauma of wartime. From the insight I gleaned from these diaries I felt it was important to celebrate their lives and the strength they had, along with all the other war-time wives and mothers who kept the family unit together.”

‘Rationed’ by Jo Pond – runs from the 25th September 2020 until 18th October 2020.


Button Hole Brooches


Glaxo Set



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