Winter Showcase 2021

Stand out

…..this Christmas

at The Victoria Sewart Contemporary Jewellery Gallery

Amy Whittingham

Amy is inspired by liminal space, geometric forms and textural surfaces, empowering process and makers marks. Casting these in glass to highlight the detail and depth of overlooked objects. Amy’s new ‘Mooring’ collection of earrings and necklaces are inspired by rusty rings and weathered sea glass. The rings are hand modelled in wax and retain marks on the surface from the process of glass casting. They are combined with hand-woven hemp cord as a nod to Plymouth’s Nautical history.

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Deborah Cadbury

Cadby & Co are a family business based in North Cornwall that specialises in using old cut diamonds and fine gemstones. Deborah Cadby’s designs and skills in making are combined with Jeff Cadby’s many years of dealing in antique jewellery. Together they are creating a beautiful collection of jewellery, using certified diamonds and coloured stones set in 22ct gold for its rich warm colour and platinum for its elegant, steely subtlety.
Unique hand-cut stones have a nature of their own, with irregular shapes, unusual dimensions and uneven facets. Each piece of jewellery is designed to suit the stone.
“Soft and tactile, simple and elegant, reminiscent of jewellery from ancient times recreated into modern design.”
Cadby & Co’s aesthetic is pared-back and minimal, also taking inspiration from Deborah’s mother, a Swedish interior designer where her Scandinavian influence – purity of design and finding the beauty in simplicity has found its place in Deborah’s Cadby & Co. collection.

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Jane Moore

Jane studied silversmithing and jewellery at Loughborough College of Art and Design way back in the early 70’s. She has continued to design and make her jewellery and now works from her garden studio in Leamington Spa. Colour is actually the most important aspect of her work and has found transparent enamel to be her perfect medium. Even though a very difficult process she enjoys the ongoing challenge of applying glass to silver to create the fanciful imagery she requires in her work.

Her inspiration over the years comes from Japanese aesthetics and she has recently created a new richly coloured collection of enamelled silver jewellery often incorporating whimsical animals and birds. The collection consists of brooches, pendants, earrings. Each piece is entirely made by hand so therefore each one is a small unique piece of art.

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Jessica Briggs

Originally a textile designer, Jessica uses her print background to inform her distinctive jewellery through a series of well-honed techniques. Combinations of patterned and textured silver, selectively fusing it with gold whilst often adding depth through part oxidation.

There is an inherent simplicity of both form and function in Jessica’s work. All designs, whatever the inspiration are translated into elegant pieces with subtle textures or more complex and layered finishes.

Each item is handcrafted by Jessica and thus the characteristics of all aspects of her work are under constant review. The result is an ever-changing range of very wearable jewellery.

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Lindsey Mann

Drawing inspiration from themes of collecting memories Lindsey creates playful jewellery which might explore a fleeting moment, a chance encounter or a material souvenir charged with meaning. Referencing shape, form, colour and pattern to realise each piece of jewellery Lindsey hopes to create something which has both familiar and yet foreign associations, perhaps triggering a vague memory for the viewer and hopefully raising a smile!

Working from her studio in the wilds of Wiltshire, Lindsey constructs jewellery using hand-printed anodised aluminium, precious and non-precious metals and a host of found and formed materials. With the use of a range of low-tech hand processes to create her lovely work including screen and block printing onto anodised aluminium and traditional metalwork techniques.

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Liz Willis

Liz is a contemporary jeweller, using silver and hand-stitched silk threads to add layers of colour & texture to her work. She works with found objects that she collects from mudlarking along the River Thames. Liz particularly likes those everyday objects, such as dress pins & copper nails, that have been made by the hands of past generations centuries ago in the days before mechanisation. They have had a previous life & use, & by working on them with her hands to make them wearable Jane is adding a new chapter in their history.

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Penny Warren

Incorporating colour into jewellery without the use of precious stones or enamelling techniques has always been Penny’s main area of interest. In 2001 she began to use anodised aluminium as a permanent way to colour metal and became an instant convert due to its limitless surface decoration potential.

Penny hand-prints and dyes the aluminium with textured papers, and compliments this with roll milled silver which is sometimes oxidised. Nature can be a direct inspiration in the designs but she is also drawn to simple geometric shapes that express the colours and textures to their best advantage. Sometimes working from sketches but mainly working directly with the material Penny finds that her designs grow organically through the process of play. She is constantly therapeutically moved by working with colour in this way.

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Rebecca Burt

Rebecca Burt Jewellery is a Cardiff-based jewellery designer/maker creating decorative feminine jewellery. Working with precious metals and stones she forms abstractions of the natural world she sees around her.

Rebecca’s background is in Textiles where she gained a degree in Textiles in Practice from Manchester School of Art in 2014. It is on completion of this that Rebecca began to transition into working with precious metals.

The influence of this can be clearly seen throughout her body of work. Often working with a strong theme of pattern and decoration, she builds up surfaces much as you would embellish a piece of fabric.

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Stevie Leigh

Working from her home workshop in Devon, Stevie creates my Jewellery and wall hanging collections while her two little ladies sleep.

Stevie graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2016 with a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing and fell unexpectedly pregnant immediately after. Her creative passion took a back seat for a while as she adjusted to a new life of Motherhood.

Stevie describes her work as earth-inspired – a haze of greens and neutrals in polymer clay combined with botanical imprinted recycled metals. The earth and botanicals are her inspiration. Simple shapes, an earthy palette, and a bohemian spirit.

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