'Symbiosis' Solo Exhibition by Marion Lebouteiller

Showcasing the work of emerging French jeweller, Marion Lebouteiller who now lives and works in England.

“My jewellery creations are born out of my fascination for materials and colours. I am mesmerised by beauties of nature. I grew up surrounded by 150 volcanoes and I now find myself recreating these memories: the shades of greens, the energy, the excitement and the slight fear of walking inside a crater.

I am somehow hoping that the wearer will find and feel a connection with nature that s/he might have forgotten or never had.

I suggest oppositions between nature and culture, natural and artificial, wild and domestic and I highlight contrasts of colours, textures, feelings. I am inspired by my surroundings but also by the Japanese culture and the «Wabi-Sabi» philosophy: the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. I like leaving space to the unexpected and let the materials express themselves.
My techniques include the lost-wax casting and the casting from natural items into silver or bronze. I also use soldering, filling, hand piercing, grinding and traditional chasing techniques and I am as well experimenting with the infinite shades of colours brought by patination . Contrasts of colours such as black with bright lapis blue, forest green or orange for example are really important to me.
I am now using new materials such as mother of pearl and textiles. I am very interested in the propensity of felt to highlight the coldness and the stiffness of metal. The mixing of different colours of wool create endless shades of colours and, when taking a closer look, one can see how variously coloured fibres end up by forming only one colour once one steps back. This makes the piece all the more vibrant and richer.

All my pieces are handmade, either one-offs or small series, using recycled or Fairtrade metals wherever possible, as I am very much into the idea (and the actions) of living on this planet with a minimum impact on the environment and on the life of mining labourers.”

Presenting this collection at The Victoria Sewart Contemporary Jewellery Gallery

Exhibition runs from From 4th March- April 29th.

Resurgence brooch - Marion Lebouteiller - Sterling silver, bronze, patina, gold leaf, steel wire.“Resurgence” – Brooch – Sterling silver, bronze, patina, gold leaf, steel wire.

SMLWaiting for the Spring - brooch - Marion Lebouteiller - Sterling silver, mother of pearl, handmade felt, steel wire.“Waiting for the spring” – Brooch – Sterling silver, mother of pearl, handmade felt, steel wire.


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