Paul Cain Smith Landscapes

Paul’s inspiration comes from what he sees around him. Specialising in landscapes, including the Tamar Valley where he used to live; the views from his Gunnislake home, down the gorge and to the rolling hills beyond.

Now he lives on the Rame Peninsula where similar rising and falling hills, with the moors in the distance but the sea close at hand, also feature in his work. There is also the look of land in the South of France where he spends holidays – that brings rich, Mediterranean colours into all his work. He has a wonderful, brave sense of colour and frequently uses the landscape as a vehicle fro conveying atmosphere and feelings. In his words, he observes, feels and absorbs the landscapes aroundhis studio and then begins to “…paint those pictures I couldn’t do if I tried.” The result is consequently an exciting adventure, each painting manifesting itself in a different way.

Prices range from £200-1250

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