Susi Hines

Susi Hines makes strong and highly individual jewellery, drawing from rich sources often using spherical forms as depicted in the Renaissance and experimenting with fractured and decaying surfaces. Working with diamonds, gemstones, gold and silver, Susi explores surfaces through engraving, etching and contrasting colour using juxtapositions of different textures with unusual stones and naturally coloured diamonds. Her pieces use mechanical complexity creating movement allowing the wearer to vary the way they can be worn. She delights in hidden catches in secret movement and tactile discoveries. She designs her pieces to be both handled and viewed.

After leaving college Susi was apprenticed in Mayfair and understands the long tradition of craftsmanship that exists in this country. She set up her studio in North Essex in 2008, having previously taught full-time jewellery, drawing and design in London colleges including setting up courses directly linked to the industry.

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