Sue Gregor


Prize winning master Craftsperson Sue Gregor MA, has her work shown internationally and is constantly selected for top contemporary jewellery exhibitions.

All the acrylic used is made from 100% recycled materials. It is also free from volatile organic compounds and hydrofluorocarbon making it more environmentally friendly. It is important to Sue that she is not contributing to the increase of plastic waste but is doing something to re-purpose some of it. Each piece is individually handmade using real flowers and leaves to create the designs. Sue collects, dries, and presses the leaves and flowers and then uses them to create the designs using a process she has developed. The leaves perish in the process so each piece is unique (as all leaves and flowers differ from all others – they are a memory of each individual leaf). She wants to convey the narrative of nature claiming back the man-made so confronting the synthetic with the wild, by using plants, to produce beautiful and individual acrylic jewellery.

We have more work by this designer, including one-off pieces, available exclusively through our quaint Barbican Gallery in Plymouth.

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