Monolith Ring with Gold Seam

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  • Sterling silver
  • Recycled 18ct gold seam
  • 7.5mm wide approx
  • Size P

The textured surface of the Monolith textured ring and the seam of gold running across it make it as tactile as that pebble you find on the beach and tuck into your pocket. The different elements combine to make a ring which is timeless in design and understated in its style.

Lucy uses her Granddad’s old workshop hammers to give the surface texture to the silver so each ring has a kind of fingerprint. The gold seam represents the simple geological features of rocks as well as being a gentle reminder of the precious nature of our natural environment in our modern world.

The gold details are made from metal Lucy has kept from other projects, each ring looks fractionally different to the next but if you have a preference, or would like to order a specific size, please contact the gallery.

The ring on hand looks most similar to the second and fourth ring from the left of the image.

Designed and made by Lucy Spink