Kim Styles

Now living in the rural Isle of Wight, Kim graduated from Sir John Cass in London with an Honours Degree in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Allied Crafts.  She worked with two well-established London jewellers before setting up as a bespoke jeweller some years ago.

Kim makes one-off botanical inspired organic necklaces and rings, inspired by her love of the countryside around her. She uses a combination of traditional silversmithing and jewellery techniques.  Hand-pierced flowers and leaves are cut from gold and silver, then formed using hammers and steel tools.   Tiny detailed leaves with engraved veins and closely observed plants are brought to life with a freedom of design and manufacture.  Kim works in gold and silver and accepts commissions. 

One of the highlights of Kim's career was being a featured jeweller on BBC2's All that Glitters, season One.

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