Kathleen Ashcroft

Kathleen designs and creates jewellery from her small garden workshop in Plymouth and graduated from Arts University Plymouth in 2022.

Her work draws inspiration from shapes and forms within architecture as well as the history that lies beyond what we actually see. The process of exploration is important to Kathleen and her work is grounded in the research connected to a particular theme which provides constant ideas for her designs. The building that no longer has a function, has been abandoned and is in ruins feature in her work in the hope that it continues to exist in the here and now, brought back to life in jewellery to be worn upon the body.
She hopes that the sculptural nature of her designs seeks to resonate with both the wearer and the viewer.

Kathleen uses traditional jewellery making techniques to create her work but is also keen to embrace technologies such as CAD (computer aided design), which is beginning to play an important role in the preciseness of some of her new designs.

We have more work by this designer, including one-off pieces, available exclusively through our quaint Barbican Gallery in Plymouth.

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