Elizabeth Jane Campbell

Elizabeth Jane Campbell graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013, and then spent a year as Artist in Residence at Glasgow School of Art before establishing her own studio in Edinburgh. As well as developing her own work which has been exhibited across the UK and abroad, Elizabeth has been part of several collaborative projects. Elizabeth’s work can be seen in permanent collections across the UK.
“I like to find inspiration from concepts of visual literacy – ideas of balance, conflict and visual dominance which I represent using shape; material composition; and colour to create wearable statement jewellery. My work communicates a personal interpretation of these themes, using my own day-to-day life to influence colour decisions, shapes, forms and composition.
Enamel is fundamental in my work, and I am most excited when experimenting with material relationships – combining materials with enamel to create new and unique designs. I am passionate about the use of traditional enamelling skills, such as cloisonné, and I love to include this in my work, while always ensuring to put my own personal stamp on the technique.”
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