Disa Allsopp

Disa is inspired by ancient jewellery. Egyptian, Etruscan and Roman pieces and loves the colour of the gold finishes and gemstones that were used to create rings, earrings and necklaces.
Forging, Reticulation, Patination are all techniques that Disa uses in her collection. Using precious and semi-precious gemstones to add colour to the work. Her travels to East Africa and her origins in Barbados can be seen in her use of gemstones, with golden citrines, rich garnets, rubies and sapphires being just a few of the stones that she uses. White and coloured diamonds are set on unique bands while rough and rare cut gemstones make Disa’s work  contemporary and current while maintaining a timeless charm.

 Disa has also been a regular participant of the Goldsmiths’ Fair, London and has an esteemed private client list who visit her in her London workshop.

We have more work by this designer, including one-off pieces, available exclusively through our quaint Barbican Gallery in Plymouth.

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