Diana Greenwood

Diana Greenwood is endlessly fascinated by the world around her. Garden flowers find their way onto her charm bracelets and delicately cut leaves become shimmering earrings.
During a university design course, Diana accidentally fell in love with metal. With a Danish mother and a line of engineers on her father’s side, it seemed the perfect material to marry clean, Scandinavian design with technical possibility. She went on to study Silversmithing at the Royal College of Art and eventually found her way into making small pieces of jewellery.
With a touch of British charm and incredible attention to detail, Diana uses silver and 18ct gold to hand-pierce, construct and assemble her jewellery. Her garden and collection of vintage botanical prints are an endless source of inspiration as well as hours spent by the ice-skating rink in pursuit of the family hobby.
Simple and contemporary, Diana’s work is exquisite craftsmanship made personal. Her greatest pleasure of all is to see her jewellery gifted and worn by the person it was thoughtfully intended for.

We have more work by this designer, including one-off pieces, available exclusively through our quaint Barbican Gallery in Plymouth.

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