Corrinne Eira Evans

Each piece of Corrinne Eira Evans jewellery is designed with touch and tactility in mind. Fluid chainmail, slinking across the skin. Singular stones set in smooth, polished golds. Handcrafted forms that follow the contours of the body. 

Carefully chosen materials and finishes reflect Corrinne’s natural inspiration. Irregular, faceted gemstones tell a story of rugged topography. Oxidised silver, titanium, and golds are layered in a multi-hued landscape.

Central to Corrinne’s work is enduring quality and heritage craft. Handcrafted in Devon, her contemporary designs are brought to life with artisanal techniques and exacting attention to detail. 

Chainmail jewellery is a Corrinne Eira Evans signature. Individual links are woven together in a fabric of metal, simultaneously intricate and sculptural. Every chainmail piece has an irresistible sense of tactility and motion, moving fluidly on and with your body. 

Reinvented in contemporary style by Corrinne, this age-old, heritage craft creates wearable works of art pleasing not only to see, but feel. 

“I’m inspired by Dartmoor, by the ever-changing, mystical landscape that surrounds me. My work holds echoes of the world I see; shadows, dappled light, wild grasses and shifting skies.” 

The Devonshire landscape is the backdrop to Corrinne’s studio and the greatest inspiration for her work. The changeable moods and hues of Dartmoor are reflected in the pieces she creates. 

Wild grasses cast dappled shadows on the earth. Golden sunlight pierces brooding clouds. Tempestuous skies shift from blue to grey in a state of beautiful flux. Corrinne sees and absorbs every detail, distilling their essence into her jewellery. 

In a transformation of creativity and craft, Corrinne captures the natural world in metal. The movement of wind through grass, the textured layers of stone, soil and sky, the changing colours of the seasons. 

Since childhood, Corrinne has found a home for her creative spirit in the untamed, restless moorlands. Fuelling and feeding her creativity, these landscapes become mirrored in her jewellery. On the body, you can feel the soulful connection between designer and inspiration come to life.

We have more work by this designer, including one-off pieces, available exclusively through our quaint Barbican Gallery in Plymouth.

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