Heidi Koenig – New Artist

Having risen to the forefront of contemporary abstract printmaking, Heidi has become established as one of the most powerful artists to graduate from the Slade in the last decade with her works being sought after and exhibited all over the world and in the UK.

Koenig is influenced by the works of Helen Frankenthaler, Rothko and Matisse. Her main inspiration comes from traveling. In the past she has been to Africa, the Himalayas, and South East Asia; it is the everyday colours, smells, sights, and sounds, so rich in these places that come through in her energetic images.

More recently her inspiration comes from closer to home, Dartmoor and the coastline have become her main artistic resource.

“ Inspiration for individual pieces is driven purely by observation and physical experiences. When I set out to paint I don’t have a conscious view of how I want it to turn out – the images evolve as I paint, taking me back to the places that I have been and the sensory information that I have absorbed. “

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