Summer Showcase 2024

"Sun, Sea and Something for Me!"

A wonderfully whimsical, fantastically funky and marvelously modern selection of jewellers with troves of treasure for you to discover this summer! 

Katie Timson

 Katie enjoys walking and collects all manner of interesting or beautiful objects, such as feathers, fragments of bird’s eggshells, rocks, pebbles, seaglass and seed heads whilst doing so. Their natural patterns, colours and texture provide inspiration for her collections of ceramic vessels and jewellery which record walks through different landscapes. 

 Katie’s porcelain eggshell jewellery is based on the eggs of individual British birds. The porcelain is stained to match the colour of the eggs and after being rolled into shape, the markings are carefully hand painted onto the eggs. After a final firing at 1240°c, 14ct gold and sterling silver findings are added. 




 Inspired by European antiques, natural history, and the world of storytelling, our creations are like portals to a world of imagination. At times whimsical and humorous, they awaken a childlike imagination, adding a touch of magic to everyday life. These jewellery pieces, resembling fragments of stories, are designed to be worn, and as they adorn the wearer, they continue to weave new tales.
 MOMOCREATURA, founded by Momo Tamura, is an embodiment of her passion for art jewellery. With a background in fine arts and extensive training in jewellery making across Japan and the United Kingdom, Momo embarked on a creative journey that led to the establishment of her unique jewellery line after graduating from Central St Martin’s College MA in London.

 momocreatura jewellery is carefully handcrafted using recycled silver and gold at her atelier in the heart of London’s Jewellery Quarter, Hatton Garden.
Neil McLaren


 Originally from Saltash, just a few miles from Plymouth, I spent time as a teenager in and around the Barbican - meeting with friends, eating fish and chips (and delicious local ice cream!) as well as attending music rehearsals as a young flute player. I then moved to London to study at the Royal College of Music, and began a career as an orchestral musician.
 Wanting another creative outlet alongside my music, I later enrolled in a jewellery-making course, as I had always enjoyed metalwork classes as a schoolboy. I subsequently found myself selling my work at events such as the Chelsea Craft Fair and Glyndebourne Festival Opera, and also had a necklace chosen for exhibit in the Goldsmiths' Hall, London. My jewellery-making has thus accompanied a long career as a touring classical musician, which has afforded me amazing opportunities to visit galleries and museums all over the world, where I have gained endless inspiration.
 I create one-off pieces which are bold and robust, and defined by their shapes, texture and simplicity. My work is instantly recognisable, with clean lines, angles and three-dimensional forms contrasting with the soft curves of the human body.
 I now work from ‘The Workshop’ in the town of Lewes, East Sussex.

Sage and Jupiter



 Sage and Jupiter, created by Jessica Jennings, is a tactile and visual exploration of the universe around us.
 Having always been fascinated with jewellery; it’s connotations and meanings, the feelings imbued when putting on that special piece, and the sentimentality of passing it onto the next generations; Jessica wanted to create a brand that married the history and sentimentality with a bold and modern look. Vintage jewellery is where her love and passion started, but modern jewellery is what keeps her in love with it.
 Jessica’s debut collection for Sage and Jupiter is entitled ‘Elemental’ and is inspired by the relationships between the moon, sea and sun. Having grown up in a coastal town the ocean has always been a source of awe and inspiration for her, and she couldn’t wait to translate this love into a tangible piece of art.


Teresa Crickmar



 Teresa makes jewellery with passion and love. Her work embodies the journey of resilience, recovery, healing and connection. The metals are taken to the edge of destruction by fire and force to be nurtured into something permanent, precious and still. The making process, the experience the work has gone through, is held and celebrated. Hand pouring molten metal, fusing and reticulation offer a playful dance between material and maker. Due to the nature of how each piece is made every single item is unique, even a pair of earrings will be different, just like each of us. 
 She says "I look for the small, beautiful things because they have always saved me. It takes practice to let go, but I'm in awe of what is going to be revealed". 
 Her professional experience includes over 25 years as a jeweller, 20 years as a qualified teacher and 9 years as a Reiki Master.  She co-founded the award-winning social enterprise, GAP Learning CIC, and spent a year as the Artist in Residence in Newton Stewart, Scotland. She currently runs a successful Jewellery School alongside making her own work in her workshop in Lode, just outside Cambridge.

Yelland and Barker



 Yelland & Barker Jewellery is the creation of husband and wife team, long time jeweller/designer/silvermith Katharine Yelland and jewellery/garden designer Andrew Barker.

 We always dreamed of combining our shared skills and interests and in 2020 we took the decision to explore the idea seriously and Y&B Jewellery is our shared vision.
 We find inspiration can be found all around us, at ground level, eye level, skywards and even in the stars. The natural world is full of amazing patterns, shapes and textures and feeds our creativity. There are so many things to inspire but nature is our biggest inspiration.
 All of our jewellery has been designed and individually handmade by us. We use a mixture of precious metals including Sterling Silver and Gold in our designs. Our aim is to create striking, eye-catching, wearable contemporary jewellery to suit all tastes and any occasion using traditional jewellery and silversmithing techniques. Every piece is therefore unique and just that little bit more special and contains that personal touch and individuality.
​ We are environmentally conscious and our Sterling Silver is 100% Eco Friendly and is purchased from a UK bullion dealer and any waste that we generate is recycled. 
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