Solo Exhibition by Amanda Denison

Showcasing the work of fine artist and jeweller, Amanda Denison. After completing a degree in Fine Art, Amanda worked in graphic design consultancies for many years. Many career changes later (shiatsu practitioner, college administrator, NHS practice manager) Amanda yearned to spend more time on creative endeavours.

After a year of evening classes in jewellery making and silversmithing , she was hooked. Amanda opted to do a BTEC Level 3 course in Jewellery Making, with maximum time spent in the workshop (Kensington and Chelsea College). This was supported with short master classes from specialists.
Amanda now works from a studio by the river in Chiswick, West London

Artist Statement

​”I have lived in London all my life and I am influenced by the urban environment. I am inspired and intrigued by the traces left behind through decay and dilapidation and by the textures and marks stamped on the urban environment. And I am drawn to repeated elements that distort and change. My fascination with pattern and surface textures translates into my pieces. I have a fine art background and this influences my approach; I draw into my enamelled surfaces and exploring mark making is key to my work.

I work with precious and non-precious metals and I enjoy the challenge of combining industrial materials (steel and wet process enamel) with traditional jewellery-making processes to create distinctive textural pieces. I incorporate patinas and enamels to add colour but my palette is subtle and restrained. While most makers build up enamels in highly coloured layers I restrict mine to one or two colours and then deconstruct my enamels. After firing pieces in my kiln I stone back the layers to remove the glassy surface and create a smooth matt surface with subtle areas of hue and tone. When patches of bare steel are revealed they are encouraged to rust. The end result is a richly degraded and unique piece of art jewellery. Each piece is different for although I can repeat the processes there is always an element of chance and no two pieces are ever exactly the same.”

Exhibition runs from 13th July – 15th September 2017

Necklace : Enamelled steel, rusted with oxidised silver chain.

9 Brooches: Industrial enamel on steel.

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