Ringing The Changes 2023

March 25th – 25th June

Ringing The Changes is an exhibition of internationally renowned British-based jewellers designing distinctly modern rings, complimenting both the contemporary and the traditional. The exhibition has been a regular feature at the gallery and now in its ninth year it is set to feature six incredible designers. Sustainability is important with the designers using materials that are sourced as ethically as possible. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Warm Wishes, Victoria & Team

Featured Exhibitors:

Corrinne Eira Evans

Corrinne is fascinated with the exploration of the heritage technique of flat chainmail. Focusing on utilising a combination of raw precious metal colours and interlocking them in bold and subtle patterns in the construction of a flowing tactile metal textile, making wearable contemporary jewellery with a timeless appeal.

The combination of recycled golds, silver and titanium create a sensual soft palette, encouraging the wearability of the pieces. Using these metal choices also echoes the connection to the land particularly Dartmoor, reflecting Evans’ habitat in Devon.

The silver and golds act as a shimmering presence within the matt grey of the titanium. A contrast that lends itself so beautifully to the overall unique designs she loves to produce. Every ring is constructed individually and meditatively ‘knitted’ together in the absorbing process of flat chainmail, an important core to her designs, maintaining a connection with the human handcrafted quality that enriches each piece.

Deborah Cadbury

Cadby & Co are a family business based in North Cornwall that specialises in using old cut diamonds and fine gemstones. Deborah Cadby’s designs and skills in making are combined with Jeff Cadby’s many years of dealing in antique jewellery. Together they are creating a beautiful collection of jewellery, using certified diamonds and coloured stones set in 22ct gold for its rich warm colour and platinum for its elegant, steely subtlety.

Unique hand-cut stones have a nature of their own, with irregular shapes, unusual dimensions and uneven facets. Each piece of jewellery is designed to suit the stone.
“Soft and tactile, simple and elegant, reminiscent of jewellery from ancient times recreated into modern design.”

Cadby & Co’s aesthetic is pared-back and minimal, also taking inspiration from Deborah’s mother, a Swedish interior designer where her Scandinavian influence – purity of design and finding the beauty in simplicity has found its place in Deborah’s Cadby & Co. collection.

Maya Selway

Maya Selway makes fine jewellery that is inspired by memory and the transience of objects. She uses a range of hand skills including optical stone setting and traditional construction techniques. The work has a modern classic aesthetic that looks for new ways to play with jewellery’s familiar visual language.

From an artistic family and after creative explorations in prop making, silversmithing and sculpture she has come to settle on jewellery for its ability to relate to human experience.
And so her creativity has found its way, not into the confines of the gallery but into the universal language of precious jewels.

Maya works from her studio at Cockpit Arts in Central London.

Shakti Ellenwood

Shakti Ellenwood is a different kind of goldsmith. Her approach to jewellery making comes from a unique talent to heal through the medium of gold. After 25 years of sitting in ceremonies with indigenous elders and shamans, she learnt that jewellery could be a key to unlocking the wearer’s full potential and generating more happiness in their lives.

Her rings are created while singing ancient Indian mantras and weaving spells, dreams and blessings into their very bones. When she makes wedding and engagement rings, she puts prayers into the rings for the couple’s journey through life together. She loves to hear each couple’s stories and can tailor the prayers according to the couple’s unique wishes.

For each piece to carry the highest vibration of love, she works only with 18ct Fairtrade gold from Peru. This traceable gold is called ‘gold with heart’ for it supports and protects the small-scale artisan miners with care for the environment and wildlife around the mines.

Shakti is a B-Corp certified goldsmith and was voted “Best For The World 2022” for her commitment to giving back. In 2022 she donated over 2% of her sales to social and environmental causes. She is also a Fairtrade licensee.

Handcrafted in her London studio, Shakti’s work is rooted in ancient cultures dating back to the Egyptians through the Scythians to Romans and Greek.

“To wear my jewellery, in the fast speed of our daily lives, is to add something comforting not only to the body, but also to the heart.”

Sian Evans

Jewellery that embodies respect for both the old and the new, sustainability, traceability and carbon-footprint.

Sian Evans is a British Goldsmith working in London. Her celebrated and multi award winning work over three decades has encompassed many niches in the world of jewellery, from catwalk jewellery to Academia, fine jewellery, collaborations with artists and designers and bespoke work for clients. Her academic research reflects her lifelong interests in archaeology, geology, environment, technology and process.

Her work embodies ancient aesthetics whilst being a thoroughly contemporary conversation with meta jewellery archetypes. Sian uses recycled gold, silver and gemstones and takes control of all making processes including hand carving Scottish Agates and Jaspers into subtle, smooth forms.

Tamara Gomez

Tamara works from her studio at Cockpit Arts in Central London, where she handcrafts fine gold and silver jewellery that celebrates natural beauty and individuality.

Specialising in rough diamonds and gemstones, her jewellery calls to anyone who sees magic in the earth and the world around us.

Each piece in her signature Rough Diamond collection is a celebration of the raw beauty of a natural uncut diamond. Just like the people to whom these jewels speak, each piece is filled with individuality and personality. The fine jewellery industry might call these quirks and inclusions flaws, but she sees the depth and beauty of a truly unique stone.

Tamara’s inspiration comes from nature, spirituality and intuition. Her greatest joy is working closely with clients to create pieces that mark milestones and celebrate the relationships in their lives.

She was born in Sri-Lanka and grew up just outside London, graduating from the Royal College of Art with a Masters degree in Goldsmithing and Jewellery back in 1997.

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