Christmas Exhibition 2014

Chloe O’Brien


Chloe recently graduated from the Plymouth College of Art. She works with narrative and concept to create one-off pieces which recognise and reflect the beauty of communication, with an emphasis on the traditional forms being surpassed by the modern world.

She creates contemporary, sculptural jewellery which takes inspiration from old discarded postcards, capturing a gentleness from the past to reflect and honour the beauty of these tradition forms of language, communication and handwriting.

Rebecca Wilson

bakewellsBakewell Tarts

Deliciously irreverent ceramics and jewellery hand crafted by Rebecca draw attention to the little things that tempt us. The collection aims to glamorise the little pleasures in life, and elevates the status of humble confectionaries, so that each glittering cookie or sweetie becomes a sparkling gem-like accessory. In this age of austerity we must look to the humble things that make us happy, and we must celebrate them with reckless abandon. Sugar free, fat free, but completely indulgent. Can you be tempted? Go on, you know you want to!



Although we’ve had Kokkino in the gallery for many years, this collection is totally new and we think is lovely for Christmas. Beautiful and sophisticated textured satin silver ‘dipped’ in 24ct gold-plating on a silky silver. We also have lots more of their signature enamel work with a selection of vibrant colours.

Jenny Llewellyn

GP pendant mix 10_1_cup_pendant-oxi-orange

Jenny Llewellyn is a jewellery designer-maker based at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, London. Inspired by the luminous colours, shapes and movement of underwater life, Jenny’s work is characterised by handcrafted, organic forms of precious metals, combined with vibrant bursts of silicone. Jenny’s practice is driven by experimentation. Experimentation with colour and experimentation with material, combining precious with non-precious, to create tactile and fun pieces, available in the full spectrum of colours, from discreet pops of monochrome, to full statement colour-fades. Central to Jenny’s practice is her pioneering use of silicone. Often mistaken for glass or plastic, silicone is surprisingly soft, light and durable, resulting in unique and wearable contemporary jewellery design – a celebration of colour! Playful silicone and precious metal jewellery that glows in the dark

Alexandra Aurum

RINGzig zag wire earrings

Since studying contemporary jewellery design and silversmithing at university in 2008, Alexandra Aurum has concentrated on wire fusion techniques; working with gold and silver to create precious gem stone settings. She treats her jewellery as one off pieces of art that are thoughtfully designed and made using traditional techniques in a contemporary setting.

Alexandra’s inspiration comes from shapes found within nature and the carefully selected gemstones used to make her jewellery. Themes of shaping and manipulating wire flow through her linear jewellery designs mirroring the gemstones used to create the piece. The use of wire creates texture and detail, rings earrings and necklaces are fused together making elegant organic solid metal structures. Hidden chain clasps and handmade wire chain are signature pieces.

Gemma Scully

Trio Bangle 300dpi Small Oval Necks 300dpi

Gemma Scully creates jewellery inspired by the Chaos Theory, something that has fascinated her for years. The idea that small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes. Through a process of hand casting she is able to conduct her own research into this idea. Dropping varying amounts of molten silver and gold into different volumes of snow, ice and water she creates wildly different all one off casting that Gemma then designs around. Gemma is interested in adding order and structure to her designs to create an almost ironic balance or juxtapose. Drawing inspiration from Edward N. Lorenzs images of chaotic flow she creates repetitive line drawings in precious metals including silver and 18ct gold, that add structure, form and wearability to the cast pieces.

Phoebe Jewellery

Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 15.31.57antler studs

Phoebe Sherwood-Moore is a jewellery designer-maker based in Lewes, East Sussex. Constantly drawing from a young age, Phoebe grew up recording observations of the Sussex wildlife on her doorstep. Phoebe studied Art and Design at Brighton City College where she combined her love of illustration and her flair for fashion in her work. Following her studies, Phoebe’s lifelong fascination with jewellery led her to work for and be tutored by a Lewes based jeweller before also opening her own studio from which she now runs Phoebe Jewellery. Much of the inspiration behind Phoebe Jewellery comes from stories she loved as a child and wildlife and natural objects she sees while out walking with her dogs; Skip and Ernie. Phoebe uses her skills as an illustrator to record and stylise these natural forms, and later sculpt and refine them in the studio. Her award-winning first collection, ‘Woodland’ features squirrels, acorns and oak leaves. Oak is renowned for its strength whilst the squirrels represent fun and spontaneity. These pieces combine real hand turned oak with Sterling silver to create a rich contrast of colour and texture.

Hamish Dobbie

Cufflinks_2 Dome_Earrings_2

Inspired by the rugged Scottish landscape and its calming, relaxing presence, award winning silversmith Hamish Dobbie creates tableware and jewellery in silver and hard woods. Hamish’s Advanced technologies and traditional hand skills both play a prominent role in his work. By combining raising and chasing techniques with 3D printing and CNC milling, he creates repeated intricate geometric details to contrast smooth organic forms.

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